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Experience the Best of Both Worlds with Roksan Attessa Integrated Streaming Amplifier

Experience the Best of Both Worlds with Roksan Attessa Integrated Streaming Amplifier

Roksan Attessa Integrated Streaming Amplifier

The Brand
Vinyl has made a huge comeback in the past few years, with more vinyl stores popping up on every corner. It's an easy to get into, fun and tangible way to enjoy the music that you love, and show off an impressive collection to friends and family. Roksan has been in the game for many years now, and have made a name for themselves by designing high quality turntables, with the capability of recreating the music found on these vinyl with an amazing level of precision and detail that’s difficult to match. It’s safe to say that Roksan is a Hi Fi brand that knows the ins and outs of audio reproduction, and how to make a truly unique listening experience.

Nowadays, music streaming has taken the limelight in casual music listening thanks to the accessibility and broad repertoire of music available at your fingertips. With streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify and Apple Music putting your favourite songs within arms reach, it’s difficult to move away from the appeal of instant classics or refreshingly new music whenever you please at a moment's notice. To fit with both of these leading music consumption markets, Roksan have decided to release their variation of an integrated streaming amplifier, with a DAC and Phono sound stage you have to listen to believe.

The Amp
The Attessa streaming amplifier sports 80w of power into 8 ohms, and 140w into 4 ohms, making it a fantastic mid-range unit with enough power to drive most bookshelves, and even some floorstandings to a nominal level. The DAC is remarkable, being a PCM formatted 24bit/192kHz chip, the DAC brings forward all of the micro details and subtle tonal changes within the mix, pushing them forward without overdoing it. When paired with a well rounded speaker, such as the Monitor Audio Silver 100’s, the amplifier really shines. I brought out Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” and was transported back to the cigarette smoke filled jazz clubs of the 60’s. I could pick up the sheer quality of the studio recording, and Bill Evan’s subtle, intimate touch on the piano comes through wonderfully. John Coltrane's amazing breath control on the Sax is also a treat to behold through this Amp! It is almost as if the quartet is directly in front of me. All together it sounds cohesive, open and very realistic with its presentation.

The tactile controls of the unit are also a welcomed addition, with the input selector being handled by the large knob in the centre of the unit offering tactile feedback mimicking a vinyl scratch when selecting between inputs. The MM Phono stage found in the unit is also worth consideration, as Roksan knows turntables. They did a great job at offering a warmer, detail oriented MM Phono.

The confidence we have in the Roksan brand is partly due to our long lineage and history dealing with them. Melbourne Hi Fi has been a dealer of Roksan since 2008 when we first presented in Australia the Kandy K2 which was winning acclaim from Britain’s What Hi Fi magazine.

Our view on the products have never stepped far from amazement. 

Roksan really knows how to make a lively, musical amplifier that will please the toughest of audiences. 


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