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Audiovector SR C Signature Speaker Cherry

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Audiovector SR C Signature Speaker Cherry


The SR C Signature is a powerful well balanced speaker. It is based on the same basic enclosure technology as all SR 3-and SR 1 models, but in this version it shares a heavy rear baffle and a curved cradle/plinth for decoupling.


A lot of research went into the mechanics of this speaker: Cabinet/driver interaction, speaker/floor interaction and of course the sandwich technology used for laminating the cabinet with front – and rear baffles.


It uses two long-throw bass midrange drivers with the same fine membrane technology as the SR 3 Avantgarde Arreté and the same Titanium voice coil technology, too. These technologies are used in a different and more advanced form in The R11 Arreté top model. The combination with the Audiovector Evotech treble , the fastest and most delicate soft dome tweeter existing, results in a very well balanced and dynamic speaker. This Signature model leaves nothing to be desired, as long as you do not compare it with its bigger siblings.


The membrane is made from natural silk reinforced with carbon fibres. Combining a special accelerator behind the membrane with LCC-technology and SEC open-back system, the Evotech tweeters have both superior transparency and power.


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