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Artnovion Andrea Tones Package

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Artnovion Andrea Tones Package

Suitable for 5.5m x 4.5m x 2.7m room dimensions


This pack includes

Dark Tones:

  • Artnovion Andrea Absorber Ink Black - 1 carton
  • Artnovion Siena Absorber Oak Natura - 4 cartons
  • Artnovion Lagos Diffuser Oak Natura - 1 carton
  • Artnovion Loki Absorber Black - 3 cartons
  • Artnovion Glue Art 2 Tube - 3 x units
  • Artnovion Fix Art Tube Plastic Black - 4 cartons

Light Tones

  • Artnovion Andrea Absorber Ink Black - 4 cartons
  • Artnovion Siena Absorber Black Ash - 1 carton
  • Artnovion Lagos Diffuser Black Ash - 1 carton
  • Artnovion Loki Absorber Black - 3 cartons
  • Artnovion Glue Art 2 Tube - 3 x units
  • Artnovion Fix Art Tube Plastic Black - 4 cartons

Artnovion Andrea Absorber

Andrea is one of the most efficient absorbers on the market. 

Designed using a patented Artnovion technique, it excels at controlling first reflections and is suited to treat a broadband range of frequencies. 

Andrea is a class A product with unparalleled absorption properties (αw = 1), manufactured with premium materials and carefully wrapped with acoustic fabric.

An absorber designed for optimal performance

Artnovion Siena Absorber

Siena boasts the highest absorption rate for a wooden absorber on the market. 

Designed using a slatted QRD sequence over a high-performance acoustic core, this is a true powerhouse of a panel, that controls and distributes incoming sound waves, to help create a perfectly balanced sound field. 

Siena Absorber is a timeless acoustic panel, available in a range of lacquered or wooden finishes for a natural touch.

Artnovion Lagos Diffuser

Lagos is the result of extensive research into diffusion techniques – it is based on a traditional QRD diffuser, but combine varying widths with each cell depth, overcoming some of the limitations of the standard QRD diffuser.

The phase grating surface of the diffuser is designed to provide a more uniform sound field through mid-high frequency diffusion. The well depths are individually tuned to enhance performance at certain frequencies, essentially increasing the effective range of the panel, without compromising the overall linear response - Lagos performs 15-20% lower with a linear frequency response.

The panels’ semi-cylindrical response pattern makes it the perfect solution for multichannel rooms and can easily be installed in specific arrays to provide 2D diffusion. Lagos is available in both wood and fabric finishes, making it a versatile solution to match your performance and design requirements.

Perfect diffusion control.

Artnovion Loki Absorber

Loki is a versatile solution for the High-End Audio market. Made entirely of high-performance foam, with a great finish, Loki is perfect for home Cinemas and Living rooms (baffle Walls). Easy to mount on both walls and ceilings. With a simple but effective design, Loki is an excellent solution for any kind of ambience and is a welcome addition to any professional or home environment.

Dimensions:  595 x 1190 x 60mm

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