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AVM Audio Ovation MA 6.3 Mono Power Amplifier

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AVM Audio Ovation MA 6.3 Mono Power Amplifier

The AVM Audio Ovation MA 6.3 Mono Power Amplifier is a high-quality, powerful amplifier that delivers optimal sound performance. With cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, it provides superior sound quality and amplification for an enhanced listening experience. Upgrade your audio system with the AVM Audio Ovation MA 6.3 Mono Power Amplifier.


  • Fully balanced Class A/B amplifier with more than 680/1000 watts per channel (8/4 Ω)
  • Analogue & consistently balanced input stages, entirely DCcoupled
  • MOS-FET high current amplifier: 40 MOS-FET transistors per amplifier deliver a maximum of 300 Ampere per channel
  • Heavy-duty toroid transformer with 1000 VA per amplifier
  • Three separate power supplies: Mains, processor unit, silent power supply for input circuit
  • High level inputs: XLR + Cinch
  • 2 speaker terminals for Bi Wire configuration
  • AIR-Trigger (AVM Intelligent Remote)
  • Trigger input 10V
  • Mains phase indicator
  • Stand-by consumption <0,5W
  • Large, blue graphics display
  • Comprehensive menu functions (adjustable sensitivity, peak power and much more)
  • Housing options: Aluminium silver, black optional chrome front panel
  • Delivered in AVM OVATION flight case

With the MA 6.3 stereo power amplifiers, we rely on an award-winning and proven amplifier concept in a compact design. The MA 6.3 are extremely powerful and fully balanced amplifiers for all genres of music. Characteristic is a powerful, detailed and fleetingly sound, which always remains relaxed. The MA 6.3 represents the technological sum of AVM’s experience in developing and manufacturing extremely musical power amplifiers since 1986. With the MA 6.3, AVM transfers the musical ideals of its great OVATION power amplifiers in a design-friendly and more compact design.

Combining the MA 6.3 with a  CS 8.2 or CS 6.2 in a ‘Preceiver’ configuration, results in an extremely playful trio with unbridled power reserves.

With the preamplifiers of our OVATION series, such as an SD 6.2, we offer a state of the art analog preamplifier with all streaming capabilities. With the entirely modular PA 8.2 preamplifier, we also offer a high-end analog specialist.

The concept of the MA 6.3 is well known from the award-winning ‘8’ power amplifiers. With its generous output of 680 watts per channel, the MA 6.3 is available in a compact OVATION standard housing, equipped with external heat sinks. The MA 6.3 is designed as a balanced Class A / AB amplifier which is built in the output stages with MOS-FET transistors. These MOS-FET transistors are inherently much faster than bi-polar transistors, though much harder to handle. The speed of this MOS FET-based circuit helps us realize an unprecedented level of tonal detail. The symmetrical circuit topology of the output stage provides a tonal fullness as you would expect from much more expensive power amplifiers.



Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black, CELLINI Chrome

Product Dimensions

355 x 430 x 130 mm (L x W x H)

Product Line


Product Weight

45 kg (Pair)

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