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AVM Audio Ovation SA 8.2 Amplifier Black Open Box

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AVM Audio Ovation SA 8.2 Amplifier Black Open Box 

This item is an ex-display or ex-demonstrator unit. No change of mind returns.   

The AVM Audio Ovation SA 8.2 Amplifier is a powerful solution for live music performance.

It delivers power with nearly no limitations. It remains in full control over the speaker at any time and under all circumstances. Even critical speakers with very low impedances that require amplifiers being capable of delivering high currents.

Power outputs of over 600 W per channel enable the system to reproduce a live performance at original sound pressure levels without any limitations. At the same time the OVATION SA8 offers a detailed finesse at lower volumes. Small chamber orchestras at very low volume levels are being reproduced with all the accuracy, warmth and intimacy of the real event.

The OVATION SA is designed and built by music lover to perform up to the highest demands. It will make the listener forget that this is a music reproduction system, regardless of the volume levels required. The musical excellence of the SA8 is underlined by its gorgeous finish and beautiful appearance.

The housing is handcrafted from solid aluminium parts with brushed and sanded surfaces, pleasing all the senses. Electronic components are carefully from the best around the world, many components are just special versions or proprietary for AVM: 4 power transformers (2 x 120W and 2 x 1000W) are located in a separate internal housing. Magnetic and electric fields are being carefully shielded in this way from other sensitive components. The power supply sports two banks of capacitors with 200.000 µF each. The channels have completely separated power supplies. Each channel is built of 24 super fast Power FETs that will enable the amplifier to deliver currents with up to 180 Ampères. The consequent double Mono design eliminates influences between the two channels and offers an absolute stable soundstage under all circumstances. As inputs the <strong>SA8</strong> offers balanced and unbalanced inputs. As Speaker Binding posts the lates WBT from the Next Gen Line are being used. The display with brilliant blue VFD display units informs the user of the current power delivered to the speaker. Soft-keys right under the display offer various settings and configurations for the amplifier’s display: Peak power, Power output in clear print, display off etc. Also the brightness and the remote on/off settings may be altered (permanent on, Trigger on/off, auto and remote on/off with AVM Preamps). The Amplifier may also be adjusted to the impedance of the speaker connected. In cases when only small fractions of the rated power of the <strong>SA8</strong> are being used it may be switched into the environmentally friendly ECO mode. This setting reduces the power consumption of the SA8 to less than a third. 

Please note:  Minor scuffs



Input Sensitivity RCA: 1,4 V / 10 kΩ (100 W / 4 Ω)

Input Sensitivity XLR: 1,4 V / 20 kΩ (100 W / 4 Ω)

Rated Power into 8 Ω: >200 Watt

Rated Power into 4 Ω: >360 Watt

Rated Power into 2 Ω: >580 Watt

Intermodulation 25 W / 4 Ω: < 0.01%

Dist. at 25 W / 4 Ω: < 0.005%

Transient intermodulation (TIM): below measurable levels

SNR 25 W / 4 Ω: > 100 dB(A)

Frequency range: 0.3 Hz - >400 kHz

Band width 25 W / 4 Ω: 0.3 Hz - >400 kHz

Rise time / 4 Ω: 1 µs

Slew rate: > 200 V / µs

Damping factor / 8 Ω: > 1000

Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz / 3500 VA max

Power mode without signal: 150 VA

ECO-Mode without signal: 50 VA

Stand by: <1 VA

Measurements (L x B x H):  420mm x 435mm x 250mm

Weight:  42 kg

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