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Dan Clark Audio ETHER 2 Suede Pads

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Dan Clark Audio ETHER 2 Suede Pads

All ETHER 2 earpads are suitable for all-around use but each offers a distinct sonic signature and a unique fit and comfort profile.

Our suede synthetic leather earpad for ETHER 2 features our new peelable pad-mounting system for fast and easy pad changes. The suede earpads delivers:

  • More relative bass and a little extra treble relative to the original earpad
  • Larger ear hole
  • Reduced sense of clamping
  • Increased soundstage

Technical ETHER 2 earpad comparison

The original earpad is the blue line, suede is green, and perforated is red. 

The original earpads were voiced to deliver a very smooth, natural tone, placing the midrange front and center. While they were designed as "all-arounders" we particularly enjoy these pads with acoustic music and for applications where a warmer tone is enjoyable, such as pulling out old rock classics or other music tending towards brightness. Of the three pads, these place the listener closest to the "stage."

The suede pads add a little more emphasis to the bass and a slight increase in upper frequency information, making them particularly fun for electronica, metal, and other genres where the strongest possible bottom end is desirable.

The perforated pads are the most "fun" of the set, with both increased bass and treble output relative to the midrange. The perforated pads deliver the largest soundstage and the most lively top-end. We pick this pad for all around listening. We find it particularly enjoyable for well-recorded music and for music with a large soundstage. A side benefit of the perforated pad is that when listening at lower volumes the increased output at the top and bottom compensate for the "fletcher munson" effect and will provide the most linear sonic experience below 75dB.


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