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IsoTek V5 Aquarius Power Conditioner

by IsoTek
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IsoTek V5 Aquarius Power Conditioner

The original Aquarius was one of the most cost-effective power cleaning upgrades money could buy. The new V5 model takes the Aquarius concept to a higher level. There is more instant on tap power due to an increased 35% circuit board copper loading, direct current resistance is at least 25% improved moving closer to the ideal of zero Ohms. Protection is also raised to 81,000A instantaneous. This six-way mains power-cleaning unit resents the market standard. Two high-current outlets are provided for amplifiers, subwoofers and so on, with four medium-current sockets for other components. Each outlet of Aquarius has its own dedicated power-cleaning network, thus six power cleaners in one box!

This six-way power-cleaning unit represents the new market standard. Two high-current outlets are provided for components with a large draw on power such as amplifiers and subwoofers, while the four medium-current sockets are ideal for components like pre-amplifiers, CD players and DACs.

Power surge protection

The V5 Aquarius uses a protection circuit which offers a cascading level of protection, in some cases over 100,000A. These step in fast and sequentially dependent upon the severity of the encountered power surge or spike. The architecture of the protection circuit extends dramatically and almost instantly when required.

System Link

The V5 Aquarius contains a System Link outlet, this is designed to connect multiple units together, maintaining a shared earth reference, and negating the need for multiple wall outlet sockets.

Removes mains noise

Differential Mode mains noise is created by all electrical appliances – everything with a power supply, in fact. This includes your microwave oven, your television and your computer, as well as every hi-fi component you own.

Common Mode mains noise is often referred to as RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) – transmitted frequencies that surround us but we cannot see. For example, imagine how much data is transmitted by smartphones and tablets; cheap power cables act as aerials (antennas) for these unwanted frequencies.

Individual filter system

The V5 Aquarius is multiple power cleaners in one convenient chassis. The advantage being that each component in your audio system has its own dedicated clean power delivery system.

Furthermore, Differential Mode noise, created as electrical devices draw power, is kept to a minimum and the possibility of electrical noise cross contamination between outlet sockets is eliminated.

Many power cleaning systems simply place a standard filter design in a box with all outlet sockets joined together in series one after the other, thus connected equipment cross contaminates and the purpose of the product is lost.

Sine Wave correction

Mains electricity needs a nice 50 or 60Hz sine wave supplied from a very low impedance source (without radio frequency noise) in order for your music to sound clean. In reality we can typically expect around 5% fluctuation in the sine wave.

It is common that this very low impedance (below 1 ohm at 50 or 60Hz) is not maintained when approaching radio frequencies (> 50 ohms > 100 kHz) and as a result, your system acts as an antenna inviting RF noise into your signal chain.

IsoTek’s power cleaning circuits are designed to reduce impedance whilst remaining safe. 


  • Suitable for all audio or AV systems
  • RFI reduction 60dB
  • 6 optimised power cleaning circuits to effectively remove Common and Differential Mode mains noise
  • 4 independent outlets for source components (6A)
  • 2 independent high current outlets for power amps, active subwoofers, active speakers etc. (16A)
  • Easy reset thermomagnetic fusing system
  • 81,000A instantaneous protection, 40,000A continuous
  • Fully star-earthed network
  • Solid core Ohno Continuous Cast copper silver-plated internal wiring with FEP virtual air dielectric
  • SYSTEM LINK outlet for extending the outlets and maintaining a stared earth reference
  • Supplied with IsoTek EVO3 PREMIER POWER CABLE


MAINS VOLTAGE 100-240V / 50-60Hz
MEDIUM CURRENT - 230V x4 (6A 1,380W total)
MEDIUM CURRENT - 115V x4 (6A 690W total)
HIGH CURRENT - 230V x2 (16A 3,680W total)
HIGH CURRENT - 115V x2 (16A 1,840W total)
DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 450 x 110 x 350mm
WEIGHT 9,5kg


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