Pro-Ject Box Design Power Supply

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Type: Power Supply

Pro-Ject Turntable Power Supply

Adaptor for 18V DC 

Suits most Box Design products. Almost all Pro-Ject devices use 'wall-wart' or 'in-line' power supplies. This helps keep the box series items small, and removes unnecessary heat and resonant forces from turntables and electronics.

The most common power supply for Pro-Ject’s range of hi-fi components. This power supply is suitable for use with:

Phono Box E + Phono Box E BT
Phono Box
Phono Box USB V
Phono Box S + Phono Box S2
Phono Box DS + Phono Box DS2
Stream Box S2 Ultra
Tube Box S + Tube Box S2
Tube Box DS + Tube Box DS2

0 Reviews

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