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Pro-Ject Cork and Rubber It Composite Turntable Mat

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Pro-Ject Cork and Rubber It Composite Turntable Mat 

Standard felt mats have poor anti-static characteristics, which attracts dust to your precious vinyl. They are often too thin for effective acoustic control of platters, especially those made from metal.

On the other hand, thick rubber mats can Isolate the record from your turntable too much. This makes the record vulnerable to static build-up, and can result in noise and clicks during playback.

This blend of cork and rubber utilises cork anti-static abilities whilst offering rubber's outstanding damping properties, making for a noise-free, full-bodied listen.

pro-ject cord and rubber it composite turntable mat melbourne hi fi


Material cork & rubber
Diameter 300 mm
Thickness 1 mm or 3 mm
Colour brown

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