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SVS Ultra Evolution Pinnacle Floorstanding Speakers

by SVS
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SVS Ultra Evolution Pinnacle Floorstanding Speakers

Discover immersive sound with the SVS Ultra Evolution Pinnacle Floorstanding Speakers. Featuring cutting-edge technology and expert design, these speakers deliver exceptional audio quality and a wide soundstage. With an impressive frequency response range and powerful drivers, you'll experience every detail of your music and movies like never before. Elevate your audio experience with SVS.

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The Culmination of Sonic Obsession.

Ultra Evolution Pinnacle represents the culmination of SVS breakthroughs in driver design, component materials, and cabinet architecture, married with a relentless passion for audio excellence. The science of sonic perfection in harmony with a love of convincing and immersive sound.

Never has this fusion of design elements existed in a single speaker. Acoustically centred time alignment, diamond coated aluminium dome tweeters, force balanced woofer array, and other advancements embody an uncompromising approach to floorstanding speaker design.

Acoustic innovations are brought to life with painstaking anechoic and real-world measurement and voicing. This final bit of artistry places Ultra Evolution Pinnacle among the highest fidelity tower speakers ever created.

Our mission has always been to ignite a passion for transcendent music and home theatre experiences by rendering the truest sonic playback.

The joy of pristine clarity, absolute transparency, stunning dynamics, and effortless bass for more people than ever. SVS Ultra Evolution Pinnacle deeply connects you to the emotion of sound.

Inspired Design, Reference Performance.

Acoustically Centred Time Alignment Cabinet Architecture

  • Curved front baffle aligns the sonic emanation point of all drivers on a vertical plane ensuring sound from each driver reaches your ears at the exact same instant.
  • Maximises phase coherence for more convincing and immersive soundstage with pinpoint accuracy and imaging.
  • Midrange drivers and woofers positioned above and below the tweeter allow for seamless crossover blending to create an idealised “point-source” where sound flows from single point in front of the speaker to optimise dispersion characteristics.

Diamond Coated Aluminum Dome Tweeter

  • Through a process called Vapor Deposition, a layer of diamond carbon is applied to the aluminium dome tweeters to vastly improve rigidity and acoustic properties.
  • This breakthrough in material science raises the frequency response well beyond the limits of human hearing resulting in effortless, airy, and unveiled highs with no measurable distortion.
  • The diamond coating also pushes low frequency extension of the tweeter deeper for more seamless blending with the midrange.
  • Organic cell lattice tweeter diffuser protects the dome and employs semi-random pattern derived from organic cell structures to improve off-axis response and maximise the listening “sweet spot.”

svs ultra evolution pinnancle floorstanding speakers melbourne hi fi2

Quad 8” Glass Fibre Woofers in Force Balanced Array

  • Dual opposing active woofers on the top and bottom of the cabinet render effortless low frequency response while addressing room modes. Deep, authoritative bass is evenly spread throughout the listening area.
  • Mechanical energy from each front-firing woofer is equaled inside the cabinet by the rear-firing woofer eliminating mechanical coloration for pure, accurate low frequencies at any playback level.

Dual 5.25" Glass Fiber Composite Midrange Drivers

  • Superb stiffness to mass ratio on dual driver array conveys stunning dynamics with flawless tonal accuracy.

Unrelenting Attention to Detail

  • Separate, acoustically tuned internal chambers for the woofers and midrange drivers optimise separation and eliminate any potential for cabinet resonances, resulting in pristine sound across the frequency spectrum.
  • Uncompromising 3-Way crossover with premium components seamlessly blends driver output. Subtle musical details are rendered with breathtaking clarity, while massive dynamics radiate with weight and control from the highest to lowest octaves.
  • Precision-cast aluminium-alloy baskets ensure precise alignment of critical components and maximise thermal dissipation.
  • Chamfered front baffle minimises edge diffraction for optimal off-axis frequency response.
  • Neodymium magnetic grilles
  • Stunning Piano Gloss Black, Piano Gloss White, and Black Oak Veneer Finish

svs ultra evolution pinnancle floorstanding speakers melbourne hi fi3

Recommended Power:  20-30 watts
Impedance:   6 Ω
Frequency Response:  24Hz - 40kHz (+/-3 dB)
Sensitivity:  88.00 dB

Tweeter:  1” Diamond coated
Woofer(s):  2 x 5.25” and 2 x 8” Composite glass-fiber cone

Product Dimensions
Height: 127.50cm
Width: 30.00cm
Depth: 46.00cm
Weight: 43.90kg

Shipping Height: 1.39m
Shipping Width: 0.58m
Shipping Depth: 0.42m
Shipping Weight: 50.34kg

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