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Psb Passif 50 A Melbourne Hi Fi Favourite

Celebrate 50 Years of PSB Speakers with the Passif 50

The PSB Passif 50 Speakers are more than just a set of speakers - they are a celebration of 50 years of audio innovation and excellence from PSB.

Melbourne Hi Fi is pleased to announce that the price of our final pair of these limited edition speakers has now been reduced.

So if you've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to experience these speakers for yourself, now is the time to take advantage of this amazing deal.

PSB Passif 50 Speakers

Created to commemorate this milestone anniversary, the PSB Passif 50 Speakers are a stunning example of how far audio technology has come over the past half-century.

These speakers feature advanced acoustic engineering, with a carefully tuned crossover network and high-quality tweeter and woofer materials that deliver accurate and natural sound reproduction.

But perhaps the most striking feature of the PSB Passif 50 Speakers is their retro styling. These speakers were designed to harken back to the golden age of hi-fi, with a classic yet modern design that is both elegant and timeless.

The walnut veneer finish and curved edges give these speakers a warm and welcoming feel that is sure to complement any home décor.


PSB 50 Years logo


After a long day, there's nothing quite like kicking back with a glass of scotch, putting on your favorite record, and letting the music take you back in time. And with the PSB Passif 50 Speakers, you can take that experience to the next level.

So why not invest in a set of speakers that not only elevate your audio experience but also transport you back in time?

And with our discounted price, there's no better time to do it.

Celebrate 50 years of PSB Speakers and experience the PSB Passif 50 Speakers for yourself today!

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