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Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 II - A Great Thing Comes To An End

Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 II - A Great Thing Comes To An End

The Monitor Audio Platinum 300 has been a staple at Melbourne Hi Fi since its release in 2008.

We have had significant success selling both the larger version 300 as well as the superb sounding 100 which defies the anticipated performance of a Stand Mount.


In 2016 this Version - the Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 II was released (as pictured above) and we again noticed that Version 2 was not a reinvention but rather a gradual evolution of Version 1. 

If you have achieved perfection in sound; why deviate too significantly?

Make no mistake.

This is the premium speaker of the Monitor Audio range and is designed and marketed as such.

The prevailing view of the Melbourne Hi Fi staff is that this Speaker vastly outperforms many more fancied expensive speakers.

It is simply that good.


The Problem?

In the words of a former colleague of ours: “It is too good”.

Which makes things somewhat challenging when you retail far more expensive speakers.

If you’re looking for value for money; look no further than this Demo version which we have had for less than a year. 

They are in pristine condition.



The Sound?

Clean and detailed which you will not find better for either the Recommended Retail or the now currently reduced price.

In fact this Demo pair needs to leave for the new version which will soon be at Melbourne Hi Fi.

The finish on all Monitor Audio speakers is exquisite but the Platinum’s again do one better from the one down Gold Version.

We personally love this “Ebony” finish which visually is more High Gloss Dark Walnut with magnificent grain patterns.


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