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Custom Audio Visual Design Consultation

Melbourne HiFi's audio-visual consultants and engineers integrate sophisticated audio, video, systems specifically designed for an optimised performance with minimum redundancy.

Immersed in the latest audio-visual technologies, our audio-visual consultants understand multi-media, entertainment technologies, their integration, and their performance capabilities designed for your lifestyle and performance requirements.

Our audio engineers and consultants work closely with architects, facilities managers, worship leaders, and technical directors to design and integrate custom audio-visual, lighting, and technical systems optimized for each particular venue and acoustical environment, ensuring crisp, clear, vivid, sight and sound reproduction that engages and captivates audiences.

Our consultants have extensive experience designing technical systems for a complete spectrum of projects from performing arts centers and theaters to convention halls and corporate conference centers to worship facilities and lecture halls.

As independent audio-visual consultants, we have no affiliations with any particular brands, products, technologies, or suppliers. We design and consult independently, bringing objectivity and unbiased audio-visual recommendations and solutions. We help clients by specifying the appropriate technology for each situation, and project manage ensuring its proper installation and operation.

Melbourne HiFi's services include:

Audio-visual system design
Acoustic Control design
Acoustic Isolation design
Sound system design
Selection and specification of audio system components

For all your 

Home Theater
  • Components chosen to meet each theater’s acoustical needs 
  • Theater quality sound through equalization and room dampening 
  • Featuring the latest Audio Systems multi channel Surround Sound
  • Custom Design of Theater, including Acoustic Isolation and Control
  • Multi-room audio distribution from CD, DVD, cable, Satellite, MP3, XM Radio and Internet from a central location
  • Architectural speakers flush mounted in the wall or ceiling 
  • Outdoor speakers for pool, spa or Alfresco area
  • Video routing of all sources (DVD, VCR, satellite systems, cable) to all rooms
  • High Definition Video systems, Plasma and Projection
  • Touchscreen video distribution throughout home
  • Custom Stewart FilmScreens (up to 300″ screens)
Remote Capabilities
  • Keypads, touch screens, infrared eyes control system from any room
  • Independent volume controls for each room
  • Wifi and IP control systems
Computer/Automation Services
  • Computer wiring with future networking and communications in mind
  • Video conferencing phone lines and digital video transfer capabilities
  • Cable/DSL Broadband distribution
  • Custom Automation Software for control of all home systems 
Security Surveillance Systems
  • Cameras at front door, nursery, pool, gate, etc.
  • Monitor closed circuit camera from all televisions and worldwide via internet
  • Audio and video available from all camera locations
  • Night vision infrared cameras and motion detected video surveillance

Melbourne HiFi's Audio-Visual Consultants have been designing and installing audio-visual and automation systems for fine homes throughout Australia since 1988 with staff combined industry experience of more than 75 years.

Since the beginning, we have taken the approach to design the lowest redundancy systems, with the highest R.O.I. The finest custom systems establishing the customer's needs and using only quality equipment to achieve them, placing this above seeking the lowest price.

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