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Monitor Audio Installation Amplifier Mounting Kit

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Monitor Audio Installation Amplifier Mounting Kit

Designed for use with the IA125-4 and IA60-4 only

These rack mounting and desk/wall mounting components are not supplied with the half rack models, but are available to purchase separately.

Half rack Installation Amplifier models can be configured for rack installation using one standard rack ‘ear’ and one half-rack extension piece as illustrated in the diagram. Multiple half rack Installation Amplifiers can also be secured side by side using accessory connecting plates, as shown in the same diagram.

If not installed in an equipment rack, Installation Amplifiers can be placed free- standing on a flat surface. Adhesive rubber feet are supplied for this purpose. Installation Amplifiers can also be attached to the underside of desks or wall mounted using connecting plate hardware. The adhesive rubber feet should also be used in these circumstances to minimise the possibility of vibration between the amplifier and mounting surface. Wall and desk mounting is also illustrated.

Providing sufficient airflow

The installation and equipment rack should be configured to provide appropriate ventilation airflow space around the sides and rear of the amplifier, please refer to the next section below. Ventilation airflow space of at least 25 mm (1”) should be maintained along at least one side of the amplifier at all times. Ventilation apertures are also located on the rear panel of the amplifier and must not be obstructed. It is important to retain at least 80 mm (3”) free space for airflow behind the amplifier rear panel.


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