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Panasonic DP-UB9000 Blu-ray Player

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Panasonic DP-UB9000 Blu-ray Player 

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Introducing the UB-9000, Panasonic’s flagship 4K Blu-ray player. Building on their years of experience, the UB-9000 is ready to set new standards for video and audio quality in home cinema.

The UB-9000 sounds every bit as good as it looks. Whether you’re looking for the digital processing power to handle your high-resolution audio files (from WAV to ALAC, or your favourite DSD format), or want the kind of analogue excellence that you only get with a balanced XLR output, the UB-9000 does it all with ease. Designed with discrete power supply for the analogue stage, the UB-9000 is a finely crafted audio device on every level. Add in the carefully-selected audio components and the rock-solid build quality, and you’re in for a crystal-clear listening experience free of distracting noise.

Panasonic’s unique HCX Processor for Ultra HD offers stunning picture quality, with crisp images and precise colours that will reveal new levels of detail for a truly astounding viewing experience. The UB-9000’s Chroma Processing works in concert with the latest HDR formats to bring every scene to life with breathtaking colour and rich, complex shading that makes even the most fantastical images look shockingly real. The end result is a THX-certified image that has all the nuance and colour of a cinema, but in the convenience of your own lounge room. It even brings new dimension to your old favourites, with its impressive upscaling and HDR optimiser turning standard Blu-rays into showpieces of precision and clarity.

Key Features

  • Award-winning 4K Blu-ray player with HCX technology for incredible detail and crisp images
  • Supports the latest HDR formats like HDR10+ and Dolby Vision to offer unmatched brightness and colour
  • Staggering sound, with balanced XLR outputs and support for high-res file types like FLAC and DSD to create an incredible audio experience



HDMI Outputs 2 [Pure Audio on HDMI (HDMI Low Clock Jitter Process)]
Optical output 1
Coaxial output 1
Balanced XLR outputs 2
RCA outputs 2ch LR; 7.1ch (gold-plated)
Disc formats UHD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD, DVD Video, CD
Video processing HCX Processor for Ultra HD Blu-ray
Supported HDR formats HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Hyper Log Gamma (HLG) [HDR Optimiser for non-HDR content]
THX certified Yes
Deep colour Yes
Upscaling 60p/50p/ 4:4:4 (HDMI2.0); 24p/ 25p; 4K Direct Chroma Up-scaling
Supported audio formats Dolby Digital/ TrueHD; Dolby Digital Plus; DTS-HD Master Audio/ DTS-HD High Resolution Audio; Dolby Atoms/ DTS:X; FLAC (Max. 192 kHz/ 24 bit); WAV (Max. 384 kHz/ 32 bit); ALAC (Max. 96 kHz/ 32 bit (7.1ch), 176.4/192 kHz/ 32 bit (5.1ch)); DSD [DSF, DFF] (2.8 MHz (2ch/ 5.1ch), 5.6 MHz (2ch/ 5.1ch), 11.2 MHz (2ch)); AIFF (Max. 384 kHz/ 32 bit (2ch))
USB inputs 2 (1 front, 1 rear)
Supported USB formats FLAC/ WAV/ ALAC/ AIFF/ DSD (DFF, DSF)/ WMA/ AAC/ MP3; MKV/ MP4 (H.264/HEVC), TS (MPEG-2/H.264/HEVC); MPEG-2/ AVCHD/ AVCHD 3D
RS232 No
Wireless LAN Built-in -- IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Supported services Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video (more TBC)
Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa (English only) support Yes
4K Networking (4K Video Playback/ 4K JPEG Playback)* Yes
High Quality Audio Network Playback FLAC/ WAV/ ALAC/ AIFF/ DSD/ WMA/ AAC/ MP3 (DLNA)
Remote control Yes



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